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I tend to focus my blogging efforts around baking, sewing, knitting,  and shoes… but a big part of my life also revolves around these two!

Buster and Baxter. The dynamic duo.

We spend a lot of time together… and we do dog shows. Yup – the beauty pageant part of it (conformation) and competitive obedience.

I would be remiss if I didn’t share a little brag from yesterday’s show. My younger basset – Baxter – FINALLY got his Pre-Novice Obedience title. For many dogs, this level of obedience is a walk in the park. Both my boys have this title now (you have to get three qualifying scores under two different judges) but let me tell you – this has been years in the making! Bassets aren’t your traditional obedience dogs. The boys and I are often comic relief in the obedience ring. I love working with them and we do this for fun but I’m so proud of what we have accomplished. And I think they enjoyed what we do together too!

My very good friend came to watch us in the ring yesterday and took a few iPhone pics. It kinda captured the moment beautifully.

Here we are going back into the ring waiting to be awarded our ribbon. Sit nice Baxter. Good boy!

photo 2

And the judge walks by to present it to us and… it all goes downhill from there… Oh Baxter.

photo 3


Get up. Pulllleeease get up. I’ll buy you a steak? Please don’t make a scene.

photo 5


Ah – the moment where I’ve resigned myself to just deal with it. Yes, please meet my “obedience dog.”

photo 4


As usual, everyone gets a good laugh from the basset.
lace front wigs

So proud of my boy!

photo 7

Ch First Class Tequila Sunrise PCD RN CGN – aka Baxter, Buddy, Sweetums, Sweetie Pie, the Puppers.

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