A Celebration

 Katebackdrop|Backdrops Sale for PhotographyMy Mom celebrated her 65th birthday on Monday. 

She’s not one to want attention (ha! don’t tell her about this blog post!!), and particularly around her birthday, but we managed to convince her that we should all go out to dinner to celebrate. 

Of course we needed cake and I jumped at the chance to make her something special.

I love to tell this story.

I get my love for baking and cake decorating from my Mom.

You see when we were kids, every year a few weeks before our birthdays, my Mom would hand us a new copy of the Wilton Cake Decorating annual book. We’d get to go through on our own and pick out our birthday cake. Usually the night before, under the shroud of secrecy, my Mom would stay up late and decorate our special cake in time for our birthday

It’s a great memory from my childhood.

This ombre cake was lots of fun to make. The cake itself is a quadruple layer red velvet cake with chocolate buttercream filling.

It was amazing!

Any my Mom LOVED her cake!!

Did your Mom or another family member inspire you to bake, sew, quilt, knit or otherwise create? 

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