A Very Special Birthday

Buster's Birthday - willcookforshoes.ca

It seems like not that long ago I met a silly, sensitive, bright-eyed love. This sweet squish had me at hello. He was just over six months old when I went to his breeders to meet him. I sat down on the floor and he came tumbling over to me and threw himself down on my lap. That was it – he was mine, I was his.

Today my Buster turns 10.

And we couldn’t let that go without celebrating in a big way.

Thankfully my very good friend Ramona was there to encourage, enable and photograph a little “cake smash” for my Bubba-lou. We had so much fun. And if you had seen how Buster came bounding in for his photos, you’d think he was pretty excited about it too!

He certainly indulged us by patiently waiting for the go-ahead to dig in.

Buster's Birthday - willcookforshoes.ca

Sure looks good, doesn’t it?

Buster's Birthday - willcookforshoes.caAnd in case you are wondering, it is a dog-safe cake. I hope to share the recipe later this week.

Can I pul-ease have some cake?

Buster's Birthday - willcookforshoes.caHaha – someone was getting his pout on.
Buster's Birthday - willcookforshoes.caAnd of course, then things escalated! 
Buster's Birthday - willcookforshoes.caHow can you not love him to bits!?! Buster is my first dog that I had all on my own. I never planned to have a show dog, but Buster changed everything. He loves to perform (and the treats that go along with it!). He has even been in several movies: New in Town, Beethoven Saves Christmas and Heaven is for Real.

And then when his brother came along, Buster even put up with me making our way into the obedience ring. Even now he loves nothing more than to head out for a car ride on Tuesday nights and go to his training class. (Sometimes I think he’s got a calendar stashed somewhere because he always knows what night is class night!)

Buster's Birthday - willcookforshoes.ca

Don’t worry – he did get to some cake.

(Not soon enough, according to Buster!)

Buster's Birthday - willcookforshoes.ca


Buster's Birthday - willcookforshoes.caHe was tentative to start but then he really started to dig in. Buster's Birthday - willcookforshoes.caHappy birthday my sweet squish! Thanks for always indulging your Momma’s silliness. Love you to bits!

Buster's Birthday - willcookforshoes.ca

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10 thoughts on “A Very Special Birthday

  1. Susan

    These photos are precious! What a handsome boy is Mr. Buster! You celebrated his milestone with style and good taste (I’m sure Buster would agree)

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