The Big Island of Hawaii - KonaIt’s been a little quiet around here…

Aloha from the Big Island of Hawaii! We have been here for just over a week now (and are leaving in just a few short days). I don’t take a lot of personal trips, but we are here for a belated honeymoon.

The weather has been amazing. We experienced our first cloudy/overcast day yesterday but the rest of our time here has been full of sunshine and lots of warmth – with the average temperature around 80 degrees (I think that’s about 28 Celsius).

My husband has been to Hawaii many times but this is my first time here. He picked this island because of the consistent weather conditions. And we haven’t been disappointed.

We’ve been doing a lot of driving – everyday we’ve been in the car by about 9 a.m. and are off to explore different parts of the island.

This is a beautiful place and I highly recommend it!

Some highlights from our excursions include Uncle Robert’s in Kalapana.

Uncle Roberts in Kalapana, HawaiiWe drove all day to get to this spot at the far southeastern corner of the island. It was recommended to us during a random conversation we had in Costco on the first day we were here. Uncle Robert’s is a Wednesday night gathering that has evolved into a market/music venue/amazing spot for dinner. We sampled a few different meals, including the ribs (that came with a hardy serving of baking beans that had been slow simmered for 17 hours). It was hard to find any information on this venue so we kinda went into it without any expectations but it was well worth the 3 hour drive there and back from Wailokoa (which is where we are staying).

Food in general has been an exciting experience of this trip. Of course I always love to sample local cuisine. Regular blog followers will know that I’ve been trying to eat better for a while now… I’ll say that I’ve let myself “be on vacation” but have self-assessed when necessary so that I haven’t gone totally overboard. All this has allowed me to experience some amazing food.

Top Hawaiian FoodsThe Malasadas were worth the gluten-induced hangover. These are a Portuguese sweet bread, deep fried, rolled in sugar, and then if desired – filled. In the interest of research, several different kinds were sampled – including at bakeries on both the north and south part of the island. My favourite, by far, were the mango filled Malasadas at Tex Drive-In. I will definitely have to try to recreate these at home. (Again, in the interest of research.)

And the coffee. Oh the coffee!! I’m a self-professed coffee snob and have enjoyed some amazing coffee in my travels to Europe, Ethiopia and Haiti. But I have to say the Kona coffee is up there with the best. I’m taking home a luggage bag full. Not quite… but close! We took in a tour to find out a little bit more, and I usually beg my dear husband to stop somewhere along the way when we set out in the morning so as to try different types and blends.

Kona Coffee, Hawaii

I have a lot more to share (and have been posting pictures and highlights via Facebook, twitter and Instagram). One of those most curious things happened on our first day here which was I discovered there was a Quilt Shop Hop taking place on the island!! We wandered into a cute local quilt shop in Waimea where I was asked if I was “here for the shop hop,” to which I quickly responded ,”I am now!”.

There are 9 local quilt shops on the island (along with several others stores featuring fabrics). Let me tell you – this was quite the incentive to tour around to different parts of the island. The following are just a few photo highlights… I’ll post more in the coming days as I share (confess) about my Textile Trippin’ adventures. Aloha!

Hawaii Quilt Shop Hop

4 thoughts on “Aloha

  1. Kathy E.

    Oh, Trina, you are making me want to book a trip to the islands! The beauty shows in your photos and the food…ah, the foooood! I’d also love to visit those quilt shops. I hope you had room to pack all of your new goodies in your luggage. So glad you had a good time. Those memories will last forever!

    1. admin Post author

      Oh Kathy – you are too sweet! There were lots of fun moments over the 10 days of our trip. Can’t wait to go through all the fabric I brought home. OMG… LOL! That was certainly one of many highlights.

    1. admin Post author

      Oh the fabric… I am working on a blog post to highlight more of it but that’s a bigger job than I thought it was! So much fun though.

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