Baby Booties

I have so much to learn about baby apparel. Like socks. Why bother?? They never stay on itty bitty baby feet. And when they do fall off, the bassets usual find them and love to gnaw on them like chewing gum.

A dear friend from the states sent me a pair of jersey knit baby booties. They are genius! They have little snaps and the stay on those cute little feetsies until you’re ready to take them off.

Not that babies are scooting around on their tiptoes all day but you do have to wash the booties quite often and hey, you probably want to coordinate the booties with all the other cute outfits babies have! So I went to source another pair (or two or three) and found they are aren’t inexpensive. But more so, shipping to Canada is very pricey. 

What’s a girl to do but go searching on the internet for a pattern!

I ended up using this pattern. It’s sized for feet that are a little bigger than our Elliana’s cute little toes right now so I scaled the pattern down to 80% and found it worked perfect. 

The grey pair featured about is made with fleece and will be perfect for our cold winters. The only challenge with this material is it got a little bulky in spots for my Janome Skyline S7 machine (as it would for most sewing machines!). I just took it slow and my machine could handle it without issue.

Later in the day, I found some green jersey knit material. Elliana doesn’t wear a lot of green but I wanted to try this pattern out with a thinner fabric and it worked perfectly! 

I can’t wait to buy more jersey knit and make more of these to match her outfits. #cantstopwontstop

Do you sew anything for littles? Let me know your favourite patterns!

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