Baby it’s cold outside!

If you are anywhere in Canada or the mid-to-northern parts of the US, your newscasts have probably led off with the same lead story we have here – IT’S COLD! Here where I am it has been a brisk -39 with a windchill the entire week. I’m learning new limits of layering as I venture out into the cold, cruel air every morning to catch my bus.

And I’m determined that one day I will find the perfect pair of mitts that live up to their “rated to -40 degrees” statements (IF ANYONE OUT THERE NEEDS A MITT TESTER – I’m your gal. Seriously).

Cold weather means finding creative ways to:

  • keep warm
  • exercise
  • drive away boredom
  • get from point A to point B without freezing off any appendages

And this not only goes for me but also for these two guys:


Thankfully these two have a helicopter mom who has arranged for them to have no less than three classes a week to keep them occupied. They won’t walk in this fridgid weather (not even with snoods and jackets – they are too low to the ground and absorb the cold more than we humans do).

And I’ve been keeping myself busy too… I’m so excited about this week. It’s got:

  • Classes with the boys
  • Teaching my cake decorating classes
  • Opening night of The Dishwashers at Prairie Theatre Exchange
  • An exciting but currently top-secret dinner/launch in Brandon
  • And my first ever Jets hockey game

All a great way to keep warm and occupied with the rest of the city has come to a stand-still.

What’s the weather like in your part of the world? And what creative things do you do to keep warm and have fun when the weather is a little down?

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