Be a Princess

IMG_5793If you’re gonna run, be a princess.

On Friday, July 1 – my niece Nina (you’ve seen her here lots on the blog) ran her very first race! It was a 1 km Canada Day fun run and boy, did we sure have fun.

There was a costume contest as part of the run and so Nina was asked what she wanted to dress up as.  Of course, we knew the answer before it was even out of our mouths. I mean, what three year old wouldn’t want to be Princess Elsa? 

And of course, what Auntie wouldn’t want to make that happen?

So began some epic running costume creations!

I wish I had taken more assembly/sewing photos. I’m really happy with how these all turned out.

mono top toppers for women

Princess Elsa was an a-line sheath dress made of pretty turquoise dance/dress material. And the cape is snowflake transparent organza material. Most of this fabric I was able to source at my local Marshalls/Northwest Fabric store. It’s a huge fabric store that I equate to something like a Winners. Name brand fabrics, but outlet prices. And you have to be in the mood to be able to sift  through aisles and aisles of product (although it’s worth it if you can!). 


The sleeves on my Snow White outfit turned out really well despite some initial failed first attempts.

I couldn’t find the right blue and ended up buying a navy blue knit shirt from Old Navy. After trying to work the sleeves into that, I decided it just wouldn’t cut it and went on the hunt again for a shirt that was the correct colour of blue (if I didn’t find one I was determined I would make it!!).

Thankfully I found this running shirt at Marshalls and was able to Macgyver my Snow White puffy sleeves on with safety pins and a strip of ribbon holding it all together (there are tons of pinterest tutorials for this). My favourite part of this outfit though is still the yellow sequin running skirt. Despite the traffic stopping colour, running skirts are really easy to make and super flattering!

Cinderella Running outfit

And then of course, there was the Cinderella running outfit. Another shiny running skirt and some pretty white, princess-ie running sleeves.

I was so excited for Nina to get her Princess Elsa costume. She really loved it (if standing in front of the mirror, quietly singing the song Frozen, while waving around your cape isn’t love, I don’t know what is!). 

And she was excited for the run as well.


Princess Elsa got her race number and made sure she had on her watch and had her water bottle (just like her Mom does when she runs)!


I think one of my favourite parts is Nina went through all the emotions her Mom and I do when we run half marathons. 

We start out with such joy. “I love running,” declared Nina. Which quickly turns to something more of an indifference, “I like running.” This progressed to some self pity and a feeling that one can’t possibly go on, “I can’t, I’m too tired, carry me.” But when Nina saw the finish line, much like when we do, all that went away and she picked up her feet and ran towards that big red beacon and pulled in a PR (personal record) coming in around 10 minutes for her first 1 km. 

I’m so proud of her.

And we really did have so much fun!!


She got a beautiful finishers medal presented by City of Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman. 

And I sure hope Nina’s love of running and her memories of a super fun day continues for years to come. 

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