Bouncy AND Flouncy!

It’s every girl’s dream. A dress you can twirl and twirl and twirl in!


When Ramona Rose emailed and asked for testers for her soon-to-be released BouncyFlouncy Dress, I instantly said yes!

I wanted to showcase all the special little details on this dress and so I spent considerable time picking out just the right fabric. The pattern allows for a lot of individuality when it comes to choosing colours and patterns for the skirt but I knew I wanted something really girlie and stylin’ (just like the little princess I have in mind).

Ramona wrote a fabulous pattern for this dress. The finished product looks super complicated but Ramona’s pattern is really straightforward. I will definitely be making this dress again and again!

I love all the details on this dress. From the top… which has a button loop closure in the back (just in case you’re wondering).




To all the layers of bouncy, flouncy goodness in the skirt detail (remind me to tell you how wonderful my 1/4 inch hemming foot was for this!).



If you’re looking for a special little dress to make – this is a definite one to try! Ramona tells me it’s now up on her Craftsy site. Let me know if you give it a try!!


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