Bow Tie Clutch

A friend of mind saw a sketch for this via Pinterest a while back and asked if I could figure it out. It’s an adorable little clutch that can be used for pretty much anything, include a quick little bag you can make to match your outfit for a special night out on the town.


I can see myself making this in a number of different sizes, patterns, fabrics and colours. It’s trés cute!

I started by cutting out my fabric:

  • 2 pieces of exterior fabric: 8 inches by 4 inches
  • 2 pieces of interior fabric: 8 inches by 4 inches
  • 2 pieces of fusible fleece: 8 inches by 4 inches
  • 1 piece of exterior fabric for the bow loop: 16 inches by 3 inches



You will also require:

  • 1 – 8 inch zipper
  • 1 – clasp or closure system
  • thread

I ironed the fusible fleece to my interior fabric. You can choose to iron yours to either the interior or the exterior fabric. I just thought my interior fabric was more lightweight and needed a little more structure as the exterior fabric I chose was a bit more heavier in weight.

First thing I did was assemble the zipper. To do this I laid one piece of exterior fabric (8 x 4 inches) right side up and then placed the zipper ride side facing down and aligned at the top of the long end of the fabric (so the 8 inches in length each match up).


Then I placed the interior fabric right side down and pinned in placed.


I stitched along the zipper, using the zipper foot. And pressed open.

And repeat with the other side.

The way I help myself process through this is I always think: right sides together. Right sides of the exterior fabric and exterior zipper, right sides of interior fabric and interior zipper go together.

Then I worked on the bow loop.

I took the piece of exterior fabric designated for the bow loop and folded it in half so the right sides were together and it formed a piece 8 x 3. Sew along the open edges with a 3/8 inch seam, leaving a bit open at the top for turning. Open up, press and finish with a stitch at the top by pressing the open seam inward and then stitching closed.

Then I pinned the loop to one side of the exterior of the bag. Centre first before pinning! And I finished the top with a straight stitch just along both sides of the zipper.


Then open up the zipper.


Fold so the exterior fabrics meet right side together. And interior fabrics meet right side together. Pin and ensure the zippers are facing the same way on each end.

Sew around all sides. Leaving a small opening at the long end of the interior fabric side for turning.


Turn right side out and fold in the bottom edge of the interior and finish with a straight stitch. Or you can hand stitch it closed so that you won’t see the finish.

Sew or attach the clasp. Make sure they line up and pull the bag tight enough first to create the bow-look.


And done!



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