Buried Treasures

Sewing Machine


Yesterday an instagramer that I follow inspired me to go digging through my garage.

I was admiring her vintage Singer and it peaked my curiosity. Don’t *I* have one of those?

Apparently I do!

I have had my Grandma’s sewing machine, in one of those heavy cabinets – you know the one I’m talking about, right? – sitting in my garage for years!!! And, I have been completely unappreciating (is that a word) it. In fact, ignoring it would be a better representation. I pretty much forgot it was there and figured it was my albatross to cart from house to house until I moved somewhere where there was absolutely no room for it.

But yesterday was different. I was in a funk because I was kinda thinking that maybe I wanted a new sewing machine. The current 90s Singer that I have (which was donated to me by a friend who wasn’t using it – it was also in her garage) has some tension issues. You have to thread through the tension control just so, with your tongue sticking out to the left (not the right) or the bottom tension on anything you were trying to sew would be wonky. I always dreaded changing threads because it was always a new battle.

So when I went to dig this out, it completely changed my focus! THIS. STILL. WORKS!!! I need to oil it. Well, first I need to find the manual for it. (Which I thought I had, I thought I remembered seeing it recently.. but I may have put it somewhere “safe” – gah!) But it has all the parts and pieces, and even all the special presser feet. I’m excited to give this a try! Some people say it is the perfect quilting machine. I’m sure it won’t be without its quirks, but I think we might be very happy together!

Do you have one of these? Any suggestions on where to find a manual? Any other tips and tricks I should know?

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