Christmas Tree Skirt

Christmas Tree SkirtSo many Christmas projects, so little time! But this one is a fun one that can be done before Christmas. I finished mine in just a few short weekday nights.

flower backdropIf you are joining me from the Janome blog or social media sites – welcome! I’m so excited to be part of Janome’s Making Merry event. For those that have found my blog for the first time, I’m a baking, sewing, knitting, basset-loving, half-marathon running blogger in Winnipeg, Manitoba and yes – I really will cook for shoes (I love shoes!).

My project for Making Merry with Janome is a Christmas tree skirt. 


– top fabric, 44 x 44 inches
– batting, 44 x 44 inches
– bottom fabric, 44 x 44 inches
– binding, 1 meter
– fabric for applique

The basic tree skirt pattern is fairly straight forward. I call it the paper snowflake technique.

Take the fabric you have chosen for the top of your tree skirt and fold it in half.


Then fold it in half again.

Fold 2The result will be a folded square that is now 22 x 22 inches.

Using an erasable or washable fabric marker, on the corner where all the folds meet (the centre point), mark down two inches on both sides. Use those marks as a guide to make a curved line. On the bottom two corners, you will also join them with a curved line. I used a ruler to make sure that I was marking my curve at the same distance from the top point. Then I used those marks to hand draw my curve.

Christmas Tree SkirtUsing a rotary cuter, cut along the lines you just made.

Christmas Tree SkirtWhen you open your square back up, you’ll have a perfect circle with another circle in the centre for your Christmas tree.

I learned the hard way that it’s better to NOT cut an opening in one side just yet. But, mark on your fabric where you will cut the opening so that you don’t place your appliqué over that spot.

Now it’s time to create your appliqué for your tree skirt. My appliqué was completely improvised. I’m a big fan of trees right now. It seems to be a theme for me this Christmas (I’ve also created an advent calendar with the same tree theme). 

To make my trees, I cut out different size triangles using three different Christmas theme fabrics. I also cut out the tree bases using a solid brown fabric. I recommend using a double sided interfacing on your appliqué pieces. Not only will it adhere your fabric appliqué to your top fabric but it gives it some sturdiness so you don’t have your fabric pulling in all directions when you are sewing on your appliqué.

I placed all my appliqué pieces on my fabric top to check the layout.

Christmas Tree Skirt

 After making sure everything was spaced out evenly, I used a classic blanket stitch to secure all the appliqué pieces. I also did a simple straight stitch outline around all the trees. I may go back and do more quilting later. I was undecided about that at the time I finished my appliqué.

Christmas Tree SkirtAt this point you can cut the opening in the skirt so it can wrap around your tree.

Christmas Tree SkirtFinish with binding of your choice. A little tip for this project is if you are making your own binding, be sure to cut it on a bias. This will allow it to move around the curve of your Christmas tree skirt more easily. 

Christmas tree skirt

To finish of my tree skirt, I used one of the decorative stitches on my machine. This one reminds me of snowflakes, which I just love.

Christmas Tree SkirtAll set for under the tree and ready for the presents!

When do you start decorating for the holidays? What Christmas crafts do you currently have on the go or are planned?

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5 thoughts on “Christmas Tree Skirt

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Joanne! Thanks so much for your comment on the blog. The machine I’m using is a Janome Skyline S5. I LOVE it!!!! The “snowflake stitch” is in mode 2, number 6. I’ve used that stitch on quite a few Christmas projects this year.

  1. lizafrica

    Love it, Trina……you & I are are both inspired by tree shapes…….you probably saw my tree shapes on some janomelife posts showing samples I made for the Fall/winter events & shows. You have inspired me. I really do need to make a tree skirt too!

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