Farm Camp

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This past weekend I went away to farm camp!

I had the extreme pleasure of being one of ten campers taking part in the fourth annual Canola Eat Well Camp put on by Manitoba Canola Growers.

And ‘eat well’ we sure did (it’ll be salads this week for sure) but we also visited vegetable, canola, wheat, bison, cattle and honey farms from throughout the province of Manitoba (and even ventured just across the Saskatchewan border on Sunday morning). It was an experience I will never forget.

Farm CampThis is just a glimpse of the past few days.

Over the next few weeks I’ll share some of my thoughts on camp as I start to unpack and reflect on the experience.

One thing I heard consistently throughout the weekend as we were invited into the lives of these amazing families wasn’t even in the words they said, but in the tone and sense of pride they conveyed to us… passion! Passion for what they do, passion for producing food that’s safe and nutritious for everyone to eat, passion for growing their business and learning new technologies (these farms and farmers are very innovative, most very active on social media for networking and researching trends), and a passion for the fact that this is more than a job, this is a way of living that is all about family and community.

The weather was perfect and it was such an amazing group of people (both the travellers and the farmers, and especially the staff behind the event – THANK YOU Ellen, Jenn, Lori, Johanne and Simone!).

I’ll leave you with one final thought which we heard this weekend: Every day we are connected to agriculture.

If you had breakfast today, you are involved in agriculture!

If you want to check out more on our experience this weekend, check out the #canolaconnect hashtag on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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