First Finish for 2017


I’m pretty excited about my first quilty finish for 2017.

I’m on a mission to bust through my fabric stash this year and this represents a good start!

This quilt was the result of some pre-cut squares I have been hanging on to for WAY too long. It was such an easy project, I’m not sure why I didn’t tackle it sooner.


I debated for a while over how to finish the quilting once I had the top done and it was all sandwiched together. There were some great suggestions on Facebook and Instagram (yay for the quilting community!!). In the end I decided to go with my favourite, tried-and-true straight line quilting with the walking foot.


I used no less than six different colours of Aurifil thread and straight-line quilted randomly throughout the quilt. 

One wonders when they have done enough quilting. 


I know I put it aside to stare at it for a while. Then picked it up and quilted some more.

I’m quite happy with the final result.

Do you have any sewing or knitting goals for 2017?

What’s your go-to quilting method?

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One thought on “First Finish for 2017

  1. Mary D

    I am planning to sew through my stash this year also. Some projects have been on the drawing board for a time, others I have cut up the fabrics and have them in project bags waiting to sew.

    I look forward to seeing your progress as well as my own.

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