Fun with fabric


My fickleness with crafting continues. I seem to waffle between knitting and sewing for the most part. Caking decorating falls into an entirely different category.

Today at a local fabric store I found these little gems. And they were on sale. I know what you’re saying – how could I resist, right?

So I had to find a project for some of the fabric right away. I settled on a bag pattern from Moda. I’m not an experienced sewer and I have to admit I actually found this pattern a little hard. It needs more detailed directions and I spent much of my time on this project trying to figure out how to move to the next step. The good news is I only had to get out the seam ripper once. Not bad. And thank goodness for google!

In the end, I was quite happy with it! I’d definitely make it again using some other fabric choices.

Oh… and do you like my lil sewing helper? Such a maroon!

Baxter Helper

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