Goal Setting

Happy New Year! 

Two weeks into 2019 and I’m still having a hard time admitting 2018 is done and we are in a New Year. Am I the only one who seems to see the world flying by faster and faster the older I get?

I truly hope 2018 holds some wonderful memories for you and you are as excited as I am to being this New Year. 


Goal Setting

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about goal setting. 2018 was a whirlwind of a year (and that’s an understatement). With just two weeks notice, we became parents at the end of 2017. I feel like 2018 was a ride as we journeyed along in this amazing new role. Our daughter turned one at the end of November, 2018. She’s started walking. She’s saying a few words and trying like crazy to repeat others after us. It has been amazing buuutttt 2018 was anything but organized and I feel like 2019 is time to get back in focus. 

I was listening to Oprah’s Super Soul podcast recently. (This is the link to the podcast in iTunes, but if you are on another platform, just do a google search for it and it should present you with multiple ways to listen.) She featured best-selling author Steven Pressfield on his book The War of Art.

Something about this podcast really resonated with me. First of all, “art” and being creative applies to much more than what my traditional sense of art calls to mind. Being creative really applies to anything that brings you joy – this could be your family, it could be work, it could be painting/sewing/and other more traditional forms of art, it could be running, writing, cooking, speaking, mentoring.. truly anything!

What really captured my attention though was how much of the discussion focused on resistance. What keeps us from doing what we want to do? What are our roadblocks? Why do we set ourselves up for failure? 

So I’m allowing myself right now to really sit and wrestle with the idea of resistance. What is giving me resistance right now? Why am I resisting digging into something I really want to do? How can I clear though hurdles and really “go” for something?

Perhaps right now you are wondering what this has to do with my Will Cook for Shoes blog?

First of all, one of my goals for 2019 is to get back into regular blogging. What was my resistance to blogging in 2018? Definitely time. But also being worried about content and whether what I was developing was relevant and original- and witty- and inspiring- enough? I’m so grateful to all my readers but when I look back at why I started this blog back in 2013, its main purpose was an outlet for me. I need to put aside my resistance and get back to my roots.

Also, ever have a WIP that you just can’t get back to?

This project has been on my dining room table TAUNTING me for over a year. It has progressed some but not lots. Why? What’s my resistance? What’s holding me back? One of my goals for 2019 is to move forward in sewing and quilting fearlessly and dig in. I might make mistakes along the way, but I can fix mistakes! I can learn from mistakes! And I can get inspired from mistakes? And maybe I won’t make mistakes but rather I will make something I can be really proud of. I’m really to get back to the heart of sewing and quilting in 2019!

Another goal I have for this blog is to be able to get out and speak to others more about it and what I do! So I’m searching for some speaking outlets in 2019. Opportunities to really engage in what I love. I taught cake decorating a few years back and it was so inspiring. I’d love to share my knowledge of sewing and quilting with others and also be inspired by their energy and talents in 2019.

I know this is just touching the surface but you need to start somewhere right? (This is also one of the many forms resistance takes, “how do I even begin!”) So I’m charging ahead full steam for 2019. And I hope you are, too!

Do you set resolutions or goals for the New Year? What are your priorities in 2019? How will you make those happen? What projects are you working on this week? Inspire me!

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