Gone to the Dogs

Basset Hound Quilt @ www.willcookforshoes.ca

Have I mentioned lately that it’s been a busy September and October?

I seem to be focusing week to week right now. With every week being something new (and exciting)!

This past week “the boys” (my bassets) and I were down in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin for the Basset Hound Club of America‘s Nationals. This is big, my friends. Well, it is for us. Or maybe just for me. I geeked out among my basset friends and family for a whole week. Over 200 bassets in one place!

We had a great time.

We didn’t get any qualifying scores in the obedience ring (yes, you read that correctly – basset hound obedience). Baxter was tired the first day. A little confused still the second day. On the third day he really turned on the charm! He did one of his best off-leash heeling routines… but when it came to the group long sit-stay, he decided to lay down about 10 seconds before it was done (which is an automatic fail). Just to finish with flair, on the three-minute down-stay, he worked the crowd by rolling over on his back and looking for a belly rub (while wagging his tail). Oh well – the plus side of all of that was he didn’t go visit with the other dogs, which has always been our challenge. He’s a very social basset.

The boys did super well in conformation! Buster (my older boy) won first in his veteran class at the Specialty on Sunday. And Baxter won first in the Open Dog class at Nationals on Wednesday. It’s always great to bring home a few ribbons.

The boys were super excited, can’t you tell!

Basset Hound NationalsOne of the cool things the boys really do love about traveling to shows is that they get to do something they normally don’t get to do at home. When we are travelling, they usually get some bed and/or couch privileges. Don’t they look so hard done by?

Basset Hound Nationals BedWe had quite a bit of down time in the evening and so I planned ahead and did something I’ve never done before. I loaded up my sewing machine for our road trip, along with two projects, and took them with me!

It actually worked out really well. I had to improvise a bit with space and such, but I finished off two quilts!

Basset Hound Quilt @ www.willcookforshoes.ca

The basset hound quilt was actually for an auction that happened on the Friday of Nationals. It was an original quilt design with a hand-sewn, turned-edge appliqué of a basset on the front. The fabric is a combination of Moda, Michael Miller, and a few other pieces from my stash. And of course, the hand appliqué and quilting was all done with Aurifil (I’m spoiled and can’t use anything else!). I was pretty happy with how it all turned out.

Basset Hound Quilt @ www.willcookforshoes.ca

So happy, that I was a bit sad that it didn’t end up going for as much in the auction as I would have thought it might have gone for. Have you ever run across that? Do you donate your quilts to auctions? Do you put any stipulations on your donations? Or a reserve bid?

In the end, the highest bidder turned out to be a friend of mine and I was happy that she will cherish the quilt and have it in her living room… but I did briefly consider buying the quilt myself (the club would have gotten the donation in the end, no matter what).

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11 thoughts on “Gone to the Dogs

  1. Brenda

    Quilts as prizes are a hard sell, especially if they’re auctioned off. I might consider a reserve bid, or making something smaller. Too bad it didn’t raise the big bucks, but at least you know it will be appreciated.

    1. admin Post author

      I was disappointed in the $$ it brought in but when I found out it was a friend that got it – and who will appreciate it – that made all the difference. It was a donation, after all… I have to learn to just ‘let go’, right?

  2. Carmen N

    Oconomowoc is almost in my neck of the woods! And I didn’t realize there were Basset Hound nationals close by. I do think obedience and Basset don’t quite go together – at least in our household! Great job on the quilt

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks for the sweet comments about the quilt. Too bad I didn’t mention Nationals before we went – perhaps you could have even dropped by. 200+ bassets, it was quite a sight!

  3. Laura

    I could tell you my horror stories; about having a hand knit Norwegian star colourwork tuque going for $10…or the time I found the hand quilted baby quilt I had made for a friend’s first baby in a garage sale pile…
    Do I still do it? Yes 😉 but I have different “rules” for making now, and if I am doing for donation, I much, much, much prefer the ticket draw 🙂

    1. admin Post author

      Oh my – in a garage sale, Laura???? Yikes. I can say with much certainty that several of us were fighting over the quilt you donated to the Basset Hound Walk this year. I know I dropped a good amount of $$ trying to win it. In the end, my friend won it – which she was super excited about. I wonder if she would notice if I “borrowed” it??

  4. Kate

    I am impressed. We couldn’t get our Border Collie to stay sitting in a down sit-stay, and they are suppose to be good at it.
    I love the Bassett quilt. Good work.

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