I hope Grandma would be proud.


Over the past few weeks I’ve posted a few “teaser” pics here of a knitting project I’m working on. It was for a gift and I wasn’t sure if the recipient was a follower here so I had to be a little sneaky.

For the record, I’m not actually sure if my Mom follows my blog. She recently asked me for a recipe for a dessert I brought over for dinner and I gave her the link via my blog… maybe she’s a lurker?? I guess I’ll find out with this post!

The knitting project I was working on was not only a Mother’s Day gift for my Mom, but it was the first time I had ever knitted something of this magnitude. The pattern is called the February Lady Sweater. It took me over a month of very focused effort to make this and I had to ask for help from google, Raverly and the kind staff at Woseley Wool at several steps along the way.

Yesterday I gave my Mom her gift. My step-dad said to me, “I didn’t know you did that kind of stuff!” I responded with, “I didn’t know I did either!”

When I was little I remember my Grandma (my Mom’s Mom) being an avid knitter. I had a love for crafting early on and I was in awe. But alas, all the teaching from my Grandma just wouldn’t take — I had tension issues. Over the years I would come back to knitting time and again but just for the occasional straight-knit scarf.

But something clicked recently and I got the urge to knit again… with passion! I think it also helped that I discovered natural fibres (oh my!!). The sweater I knit for my Mom was made with Malabrigo Worsted. Oh how I love my Malabrigo (although I’m really wanting to try some new fibres as well!). I also discovered the Raverly community! Are you on Raverly? If you are – look for me.

Anyhow – all this to say, 1) I absolutely LOVE knitting. I’ve got quite a few projects on the go (stay tuned) and a little bit of a stash building up (hoarder?). 2) I hope I did my Grandma proud with my Mom’s Mother’s Day gift.

Here’s a pic of me and my Mom yesterday. My Mom’s wearing her new sweater. I hope she likes it!! (And if she doesn’t, I’ll gladly take it back – lol!!)


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