Hand Spun Fun

Hand Spun Yarn

Spinning my own yarn has been something I have been wanted to try for some time now. I’m such a DIY-er. If there’s a remote possibility that I can make it myself, chances are I will try to! Not everything always works out for the better, but after just a few quick spins on my new-to-me spindolyn, this is definitely something I’m going to keep test driving!

I know I still have a long way to go to getting this down pat, but even after a few hours of practice, I’m really excited about what this means to the future of my sock knitting.

Hand Spun Yarn

I just love the uniqueness of the end product! If you haven’t tried or heard of a spindolyn before,  it is a great way to get started. It’s just only slightly more expensive to purchase than a drop spinner but I think it’s a little easier to start with because you don’t have to figure out how to balance your spinner and the roving as the spindolyn has it’s own base that it spins in.

This was the first batch I wound up. Won’t this be fun to knit up? And yes, it’s still a little fuzzy and I definitely need to find balance in how much roving I’m drafting. But the potential is there, right?

Hand Spun Yarn


Hand Spun Yarn

The above roving was gifted to me from a friend so that I could give spinning a try. It’s a wool blend (not sure entirely what the content is) but I suspect other more luxurious roving might be even easier to draft.

And of course I have some other roving waiting for me…

This is from Wild Wind Naturals. I purchased it at the Manitoba Fibre Festival back at the end of September and it is merino roving. It looks so soft and dense and the colour is so intense. I can’t wait to dive into this!

Hand Spun Yarn

And on the complete opposite spectrum is this roving from A to Z Alpacas. It is alpacas roving (of course) and undyed. I can already visualize the most gorgeous pair of alpaca warm wool socks from this batch.


I’m definitely hooked on this spun fun adventure called spinning! Have you tried spinning? I think at some point there will most certainly be an investment in a real spinning wheel. Have some advice for me? I’d love to hear from you!

2 thoughts on “Hand Spun Fun

  1. Nancy T

    Don’t you just love how soft a fresh roving (dyed or not) is? My grandma taught me to spin on a foot peddle spinning wheel MANY, MANY years ago. I wonder if I could still do it?

    1. admin Post author

      I wonder if spinning is like riding a bicycle?? LOL! I bet you could certainly still spin!! I just love fresh roving… almost a shame to dive in but the end product is so worth it!

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