Handspun Competition


I took a leap of faith last weekend and entered some of my handspun yarn into a local yarn competition. 

I’m pretty self-conscious and critical of my work but I figured: 1) it is good to support local competitions like this with entries because if they don’t get enough then they start to consider whether they should be organizing them, and 2) the feedback would be valuable and help me get better.

The competition was part of the Manitoba Fibre Festival. This local event is held once a year with vendors, classes, an art exhibition, demonstrations, and a fleece show and sale. 

I entered three skeins and much to my amazement, I won first in two categories (I labeled my third skein incorrectly – totally my fault, and so it didn’t get judged).


In the 2-ply division, lace to DK weight this Bluefaced Leicester/silk combo won first with a 98/100 score.

All the judging was done by a Master Spinner. (Note to self: check out Master Spinner course offerings! How cool would that be!)


In the category of spun from raw fibre, this orange Clun Forest skein that I’ve shared with you previously also won a first! I’m most proud of this entry. The Clun Forest fibre was sooooo dirty and full of vegetable matter (VM) but there were lovely long, crimpy locks that were a dream to comb. This was the batch that I dyed Ronald McDonald red and yellow. I was not impressed when I first dyed them but when I combed them together using the worsted method, I got the most beautiful variegated orange. It was a lovely experiment (but a lot of work to get from fleece to yarn!). This entry received a 96 out of a possible 100. 

Wedding photo backdrops set for pictures

This was the third skein I entered (and labeled wrong). It is a merino combed top that I dyed myself. It was suppose to go in the 2-ply, worsted to bulky category. This is what happens when you do things in a hurry… I’ll learn to double and triple check my entries next time.

All in all, it was a great experience and I’m already thinking of my entries for next year!

Have you ever entered a baking, sewing, knitting or spinning competition? 

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