Handspun yarn @ willcookforshoes.caI’m just absolutely in love with this yarn.

It’s handmade.

By me!

A few weeks ago, I found a beautiful Louet S10 on kijiji. (Side note: I really have to stop checking kijiji on a daily basis.)

Louet S10 @ willcookforshoes.ca

This wheel was owned by a lovely woman. She passed away in January and her children were looking to find the wheel a home where it would be appreciated. Their Mum was so artistic and creative. When I went to pick up the wheel, I was treated to a bit of a viewing of her artwork. Simply amazing!

This wheel was in pristine condition. It just needed a little oil and it was ready to go. You can see Buster checked it out fully once I brought it home.

And then last weekend there was this.

Spinning Wheel Meet Up @ Willcookforshoes.ca

I received an invite from a friend to attend a spinning wheel meet up! I jumped at the chance.

I’m so glad I did. This group of 19+ women have such a breadth of talent and experience!

I was sitting next to a lovely lady who saw I was struggling a bit with getting a good draft going on my fibre. She politely asked if she could offer me a few pointers. To which my response was something like, “yes, please!!!!”

Several of the other ladies gathered around. They made a few tweaks to the wheel, and most specifically to the tension (I had it too tight). And then showed me how to properly split my fibre.

WOW! What a difference. After they got me all set up, I was just flying! Seriously. I had been struggling a bit up to that point, mostly thinking it was just the fibre. It seemed tight, too packed. The ladies from the spinning group told me that sometimes occurs after dyeing and I needed to do a light amount of pre-drafting. A few small modifications and I was on my way.

I came home from the meet up and was so excited that I kept going till I finished spinning all 4 oz. And then I set myself up for my first plying.

I’m really happy with the way this yarn turned out. It’s been washed and set. Now to figure out the perfect project! Any suggestions? Looking for something that will show it off to its full potential!

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  1. Joanne

    Congrats, you spinner you! What gorgeous yarn. I just saw your note on my blog…thank you for commiserating. If only it would stop snowing…(April 3 and snowing! AHHH!) I’d love to know about spinning groups in town–I may not be able to get there, due to the twins…but I certainly haven’t been invited to any, either.

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