Happy Canada Day!

I’m here in Ottawa this week for work. We started with meetings today but I had a chance to briefly walk over the Parliament Hill and experience a bit of the festivities! What an amazing opportunity.



I couldn’t believe the number of people taking in all the various events here today. Did you participate in any Canada Day activities?

Here are a few fun shots from today.

What’s Canada Day without a little poutine? There were food trucks galore around the Hill, and pretty much all of them offered their take on this Canadian classic.



If you were feeling the need, Free Hugs were not in shortage today. There were quite a few people walking around with Free Hugs signs.


And just a few people hanging out and taking in some of the street acts.



Our meetings for today have finished. If I can stay awake, I may try to take in the fireworks at 10 p.m. I’ll hear them from the hotel irregardless, we are barely a block from the Hill.

Happy Canada Day everyone!

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