Honouring Memories

Just this past weekend, I delivered a really special quilt.
I have been working on this one for quite some time. I’d find inspiration and move it forward a bit… and then get stuck trying to figure out the next way forward. I wanted it to be just right and thankfully the recipient didn’t have a timeline and was patient with the progress (or lack there of).

This quilt honours a very special show dog and all his accomplishments over the years. I was surprised how easy ribbon “flats” (as they are called) can actually be worked with. I also used the ribbons from larger rosettes for a lot of the work on the side of this quilt as well. I finished off the white cotton with some diagonal cross hatch quilting using my Janome Skyline S9 and it’s acufeed foot. And I quilted some straight lines on the green satin in the centre. This quilt was basically put together like a traditional quilt, only using non-traditional fabrics. 

 This past Saturday, at our local dog show, I was able to deliver the quilt to its rightful owner in person. There were lots of happy tears (hers and mine!).  

Have you ever made a quilt to honour a memory? What is the most non-traditional fabric you have sewn with recently?

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