2013.03.13 Infinity Scarf

Apparently I will not cook for shoes, but now I Will Knit for Shoes.

Like I’ve said before, I’m a bit fickle when I comes to crafting. I am easily swayed by “ooo shiny”!

I’ve never been much of a knitter. My amazingly wonderful Grandma Sharp, who instilled in me a love of cooking and baking, tried many times to teach me how to knit. It was hopeless though. I had serious tension issues. My Grandma used to tell me I just needed to relax the yarn but I just never caught on.

Fast forward a few (*ahem*) years, and I’ve all the sudden become a yarn and pattern junkie. I’ve always dabbled in the trendy scarves (you know the ones with the chunk yarn that is totally forgiving) but this Christmas I decided it was time to take things up a notch. For some reason I decided to teach myself a few new stitches. Grandma would be proud! I googled videos and tutorials and just kept working through it till it sunk in! I’ve now completed a few projects – included a baby cardigan which I was quite pleased with – but started coveting some more $$ yarns after seeing other knitter’s instagram pics.

I had never heard of Malabrigo yarn before, and just about choked when I learned how much it cost. But one day while I was down at Wolseley Wool, I got sucked into buying this beautiful skene of Malabrigo Rastita in a grey with hints of purple. Oh my…

After lamenting about what to use it on, a fellow blogger (thank you!!) suggested that I use it for something like a cowl as it would take full advantage of the soft marino wool qualities of this yarn. After some searching on Raverly – I found this Honey Comb pattern and set to work.

The infinity scarf/cowl came together quickly. I cast on 220 stitches. Despite my best intentions, I got it twisted (gah!) but because the scarf is meant to be wrapped more than once, no one will notice (except you, now).

It’s sooo soft. I may never take it off. Which works for right now because we are still experiencing -27 with a wind chill weather this morning.

I have one last thing to do with this and that is to block it. Anyone have any suggestions for how to block 100% marino wool? I’d love to hear from you!

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