How will I know? (And a giveaway!!)

Somehow this Whitney Houston song popped into my head today as I was thinking about my Janome Shop-at-Home (SAH) journey and considering HOW will I ever know which sewing machine is the one for me? (And if you’re not old enough to get that reference, well… I have no words… and now I feel old.)

For the past few weeks, I’ve been doing my research and considering my options for a new sewing machine with the help of the Janome SAH. If you’re new to the Janome Shop-at-Home site – it’s a Canadian opportunity for sewists looking for a new machine to purchase one online and from the comfort of their own home (aka – in their pyjamas).

There’s a wealth of information on the Janome Shop-at-Home site – tutorials, complete overviews of ALL the machines, and even comparison guides. It’s super helpful.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been considering three machines: the Janome Juno G1212, the Janome Juno J1250, and the Janome Juno M1250Q.

Thanks to the wonderful people at Janome SAH, I’ve had the added benefit of being able to spend some time actually using these machines and seeing first hand what they are all about. I’ve thought that the two I’ve been working on so far (the G1212 and the J1250) have been fabulous. They each have their own competencies!

The 1212 is the all-mechanical workhorse!

Janome Juno Shop-at-Home line


The J1250 is perfect for the all-around crafter who needs a few more extra capabilities.


And both were super quick to take out of the box and get sewing!

And I can’t. hardly. wait. to get going on the Juno M1250Q.


Janome Juno M1250Q

This is the most advanced on the Janome Shop-at-Home line and the variety of stitches and accessories are just amazing!!

Janome Juno M1250Q

But all this gets me back to thinking – how does one choose a sewing machine? What questions must you consider? How do you narrow down your focus? Or do you just follow your instinct? Or choose whatever looks bright and shiny??


Some things to consider…

Being the A-type person that I am, I thought that a list might be helpful in narrowing down my choices. So, here are some things to consider when purchasing a new sewing machine:

  • What will you be using the machine for?
    • Minor clothing alterations (i.e. hemming)
    • Crafts – paper or fabric, or both?
    • Sewing your own clothes?
    • Home decor?
    • Quilting?
    • Something else?
  • Do you have a designated area for sewing?
    • How big is that area?
    • Will you be moving around from space to space occasionally? There is a different in weight and size among machines – even in the three I’m considering, there is definitely a difference!
  • What would you say is your skill level?
    • Where would you like to be with your sewing skills?
    • Mechanical machines are generally less “complicated” in terms of set-up and overall maintence. Although a lot of new computerized machines are much more intuitive than ever before!
  • What is your budget for your new machine? Sorry – I had to ask the money question. But these machines are surprisingly VERY affordable!

A few additional notes:

  • I think it’s good to ask around. Find out what other sewists use. Ask them how long they have been using their machines for. What would they say are the pros and cons of their current machine?
  • Make yourself a list! Not only of what you want, but a comparison chart of how the machines you are considering stack up against one another. (And check out the comparison list on the Janome Shop-at-Home site.)


Built to last…

Can I just say a quick word about the Janome name in general?

I came to know about Janome because my Mom had a Janome sewing machine. It’s her pride and joy. Whenever she used to let me borrow it she kept close tabs on it (hmmmm… I’m not sure why that is! LOL!).

These machines are built to last! My Dad actually just purchased this machine at our local thrift shop. It’s it a beaut!



Anyone live close to Findlay’s?




How did you know?

I’m really curious – how did you come to have your current sewing machine? Was it a gift? A hand-me-down? A long and thought out purchase? Are you in the market for a new sewing machine? What are your criteria for this new purchase?


But wait, there’s more…

The wonderful people at Janome Shop-at-Home are allowing me to give away a brand new Janome June G1218. Just follow the rafflecopter prompts below. Draw will take place on September 11, 2013! Good luck!
a Rafflecopter giveaway


Full disclosure: I have not been financially compensated for this post. As part of my Janome SAH experience I will get to keep one of the Janome Juno sewing machines, but I promise you this — all views expressed here are my own.

15 thoughts on “How will I know? (And a giveaway!!)

  1. Rebekah

    I had always sewn on older, hand me down machines. They weren’t pretty, but did the job. I really wanted to “upgrade” as my sewing skills increased. I happened to go into our local sewing shop, and saw that they had a very old Janome for sale. I “test drove” it and was hooked. She’s old, battered and slightly bruised, but is a beauty! I love sewing on her. Unfortunately she’s a very basic model. Not automatic button hole etc. I’d love to upgrade to a new machine, but just can’t right now. In the meantime, I’ll keep plugging along on my vintage Janome!

  2. sjmcclelland

    Very cool give-away. I have a very basic Kenmore which is a close match with my sewing level. However, I sewed with a Bernina during a sewing class and there was no comparison in terms of the sewing experience.

  3. sjmcclelland

    Darn – I should have checked to see what I was supposed to comment on before i left a comment…surprisingly no janome dealer in Ottawa – closest one is in Bellvill.> I sew from time t time, in between all my other crafty hobbies.

  4. Julie Hirt

    I have a Janome MasterCraft 6600 and heart it to death. I’ve only been sewing a few years and about half that time with this machine. What a huge difference it made. I went to our local dealer and test drove a couple of the machines. I was pretty sure this was the one I wanted before heading into the store, so that helped. Online reviews were really good!

  5. Nancy T

    I’m currently using a borrowed machine (my mom’s – I know she’ll be asking for it back soon). I don’t often get to sew other than mending items but I would love to spend more time on it. My local Janome dealer is The Quilt Store in Newmarket.

    1. admin Post author

      I used to borrow my Mom’s all the time… (hence why she kept tabs on it! LOL!). Good luck in the contest… maybe your Mom will be asking to borrow YOUR machine soon. 🙂

  6. Lynne Robson

    I am lucky enough to work at home…so I think fitting in time to sew will be easier then I think…I have a few craft shows coming up this fall and a new reno that needs some sewn decor…and I have a local dealer here in Manitoba … Quilt as Desired …my mother had a Janome…and it was the best machine out there…

  7. Taylor Burns

    I go to school full time for nursing, but during the summers I find a lot of time to sew and do other crafty things! It looks as though all the Janome dealers are in Canada. Boo 🙁 I live in Rhode Island so I don’t think I’m close to any!

  8. orangeheromama

    Until a few months ago I used a 17 yr old Kenmore, still going…but then there was a sweet deal at work on a Bernina 330,(so my mom bought it for me, I am way too poor to buy one!) I am still learning’s been summer break so I’ve barely touched the thing. I do wish it was less computerized and more manual.. 🙁

  9. Jenny W H

    Thanks so much for this giveaway! Closest would be niagara. And the only time I really get to sew is at night and on weekends! So goes life 🙂

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