Infinity Scarf

Infinity Scarf -

If you know me in person, you know I love my scarves. I have some favourites – one in particular purchased on my first international trip many, many years ago. One that’s been knitted. And several others. They are the perfect accessory.

When I made my dress earlier this month for the Minerva Meet-Up, I knew that I wanted to make a dressy scarf to go along with it.

Vicki at Minerva Crafts helped me pick out this stunning pink chiffon. It highlights the dress fabric really well! And has the perfect drape to it.

Infinity Scarf -

I was surprised how easy it is to make your own infinity scarf. There are lots of tutorials out there but this one at Sew Creative was pretty straightforward.

To start you need two meters of fabric, fold right sides together along the long length, and cut at an 11 or 12 inch width (when folded).

Right sides together, sew along the long length dress of the fabric.

Infinity Scarf - www.willcookforshoes.caPress seams and turn right side out. Match up the seams, right sides together, on the open ends and sew around until you can’t sew anymore (should leave about a two inch opening). Finish off the end by hand sewing the remaining opening with a blind stitch.

Infinity Scarf - www.willcookforshoes.caAnd done!! I can see myself making many, many more of these. Love the fabric of this bridesmaid dress so much Wouldn’t they make a great gift!

Infinity Scarf -

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