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Lil Linen Dress @ www.willcookforshoes.caSometimes a girl just needs a new dress… or new shoes… or a new dress so she has an excuse, I mean reason, to buy new shoes.

I’ve always enjoyed sewing my own clothes and since I wear a lot of skirts and dresses, I love being able to sew them for myself. You can pick your own fabric and tailor it just so.

For my March Minerva Blogger project, I picked the Simplicity 1754 pattern. The classic dress design immediately caught my attention.

Simplicity Dress @ willcookforshoes.caI decided to go with pattern option A, which has clean lines and a classic shape. And my version is sleeveless, since I love to throw a little cardigan over my dresses because my office tends to get a little drafty no matter what time of year it is.

One little organizing tip for sewing is that I like to set aside one night during the week to cut up any patterns that I know I want to work on.

Simplicity Dress @ willcookforshoes.caI also like to cut the fabric at the same time.

Then, when that window of opportunity opens up for a little sewing time – everything is ready to go!

This dress came together quickly. I spent maybe 45 minutes cutting and prepping the pattern. Sewing the dress took about three or so hours. I’m always excited to start and finish a project in just an evening. Especially when it’s something I can wear the very next day!

This dress has some lovely tailored features to it but it wasn’t complicated.

Because the fabric I chose was a little slippery to work with, I did a lot of pinning to hold everything in place.

Simplicity Dress @ willcookforshoes.caDoes anyone else do this? Yes, that’s a close-up of my sleeve. I really should make myself a little pincushion for my sewing machine. (Put that on the to-do list!)

Simplicity Dress @ willcookforshoes.caThe fabric that I used is a beautiful linen. It has a very floaty feel to it. It works super well with this dress pattern!

I gave the dress a little boost to the neutral pattern by adding the surprise of a bright orange zipper. The pattern calls for a hidden zipper, so it’s just a cute little addition for the garment’s owner. I thought it was kinda funky.

Simplicity Dress @ willcookforshoes.caWhile this comes together easily, I really love some of the tailored features of this dress. The pattern makes them a little harder to appreciate in the photos but they are there. I particularly love the pleating on the front and back of this dress. I will definitely make this dress again and use a solid cotton. It will make a wonderful summer dress. And a fabric with a satiny finish would really class this up for an evening out!

Simplicity Dress @ willcookforshoes.caI should mention, along with this being a very straight forward sewing endeavour without too much challenge, this pattern fits very much true to size. And includes several modifications for length.

Lil Linen Dress @ www.willcookforshoes.caCan’t wait to wear this into the office this week!

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