Magic Loop Socks

Toe-Up Magic Loop Two at a Time SocksFor some unexplained reason, I took a hiatus from sock knitting for quite some time. Maybe it was a bit of a burn out from wanting to “knit all the socks” in 2014 but whatever the reason, this little bundle of Schoppel Zauerball from Minerva Crafts seems to have gotten me back on track!

I’ve long been fascinated by the wonderful colour options offered by Schoppel yarns. I love the intensity of this particular plum/aubergine/pink combination. And as the yarn moves from one colour to the next it does so with a very gradual colour progression.

Toe-Up Magic Loop Two at a Time Socks

My favourite sock “style” to knit is a toe-up, magic loop sock. This means knitting two socks at the same time, starting from the toe. This appeals to me for a few reasons: 1) I don’t have to fuss with the cuff as the starting point and worry about twisting the stitches in the first couple of rows (which I ALWAYS seem to do), and 2) knitting both pairs at the same time seems more efficient to me and I don’t have to be as precise about counting rows.

This “beginner sock pattern” is my go-to. In fact, even when I’m using other patterns for design, I use this one as my base – particularly for the heel. I hate wrap stitches and this pattern is very straightforward and produces a lovely sock heel.

Toe-Up Magic Loop Two at a Time SocksI loved using these KnitPro Karbonz needles. These are a fixed length circular knitting needle. Be sure to get one with lots of length (these are 100cm) and 2.75mm. The cable is super flexible and soft; it doesn’t get in the way with the lightweight yarn.

These socks took about a week to knit up (using my evenings for my knitting time while catching up on the Dancing with the Stars finale!). The yarn was interesting to work with. I don’t know that I would recommend it for a first time sock knitter as I found the thickness varied throughout and was easily split with the needles. The relaxed 4-ply of the yarn produced a lovely and soft finish but for the first time I found myself dropping more stitches than I ever have before.

Toe-Up Magic Loop Two at a Time SocksI finished these with a 2 x 2 ribbed edge. 

Now that I’m done, I can put my feet up and start planning my next pair of socks. 

Toe-Up Magic Loop Two at a Time Socks


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  1. Rhonda Lorch

    Aha – another thing in common! I’m a DWTS fan too – in a bit of withdrawal at the moment. I haven’t posted a photo of my latest knitting project because its a gift but I have enjoyed wielding the needles on DWTS evenings!

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