Me & my Mr…

I’ve been a little quiet here this past week. I apologize and promise that will all change soon.

But Friday was a great day… this kinda happen.

wedding dresses UK



(Yay for iphone pics! This one from my very good friend, Ramona.)

8 thoughts on “Me & my Mr…

    1. admin Post author

      Hey Sheryl! NO… my friends and family wouldn’t allow me to do that (something about being too busy…) but I did make a lot of the details for the wedding. I’ll be sharing details over the coming weeks as things settle a bit.

      1. Sheryl

        Ha ha, ok. Good thing you have sane friends…but making your own wedding dress seems like something you would do! You look great in the dress you did get (and your outfit and hair too!). I cannot wait to see more of the details because I am sure they will all be awesome.

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