Meet Chance!


If I had enough space, I’d take in all the homeless/unloved/unwanted/mistreated animals in the world and give them shelter and food and hugs and love…


Just over two weeks ago, I received a call about a ‘found” basset hound. Found near a very busy area of the city. Thankfully found safe and unhurt.


He was taken to Winnipeg Animal Services.

I work very closely with a local rescue call the Boston Terrier and Pug Rescue of Southern Manitoba (BTPRSM) – you may remember them from when they took in and cared for our special girl, Hope.

The BTPRSM and I kept a close eye on this recently found basset.

The owners were located but never stepped forward to claim him. After three days – the legal requirement for animal services – we stepped in and this little boy was taken into the care of the rescue. (A very special thank you to my friend, Ramona, for picking up Chance from animal services that day. It really does take a village!)

He’s at our home right now as a foster while we get him completely checked out by the vet, neutered and gain a better understanding of what kind of family will suit him best for his forever home.

Do you think he is doing okay with my boys?


He is just the sweetest little boy. He has an amazing little personality. He loves and just loves to be loved. His past may have not been the greatest but he has a bright future ahead of him!

**Tonight Chance had a visit with a potential forever home. And it went great! He’ll be going for a trial adoption starting next week. I’ll be sad to see him leave us (there will be tears) but knowing that he’s going to be with just the best forever home and will have a loving family and a little basset brother, too, makes it all worth it.

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