Modern Instabee TitleIf you are on instagram, maybe you’ve seen the #moderninstabee2014 hashtag?

It is inspired by this new book.

Modern Bee @ www.willcookforshoes.ca

Modern Bee: 13 Quilts to Make with Friends by Lindsay Conner.

Modern Bee brings back the idea of collaborative sewing and the community it creates. That is certainly something I have loved about blogging and social media. So when I saw the call to join in and participate in #moderninstabee2014 – it was something that immediately appealed to me. I was initially hesitant because I feel like there are so many talented people out there, but it seemed like a really good way to push my sewing and quilting skills to new heights, try some patterns I might not normally try, and expand my friendships among this amazing community.

I’m part of the North American #instabeehive3 (go Hive 3 – LOL!!). But there are sewing bees based on this book starting all over the world.

Hive 3 Modern bee @ www.willcookforshoes.ca

The concept behind the modern bee is that 12 participants make a one year commitment to be part of the bee. We take turns each month (my month is November). During your month, you pick the pattern along with a few guide lines (like colour or fabric preferences), and the other hive members make one block each for you! Talk about team work! In the other months, you complete one block for whomever’s month it happens to be (bee?).

We just got underway with the first block being due at the end of February. This month’s hive leader chose Modern Bee’s Trellis Crossroads design, and asked for bright colours and a white background. This is considered an intermediate design. As we started to work on this and I saw the other hive members starting to post their finished blocks, I was understandably a little nervous. There are some matching up of edges needed on this sweet block and the colour choices everyone was pulling were so fab!

Despite having to cut and trim numerous blocks, this came together rather quickly (maybe two hours in total).

I’m using a new sewing machine for this. It’s a Brother NX-450Q. There are a few things right from the start I’m enjoying. One is the large table that was included with it.

Brother @ www.willcookforshoes.ca

The second is this little feature.

Brother NX-450Q @ www.willcookforshoes.ca

No more grabbing for scissors or a seam ripper (my tool of choice) to cut off after sewing. This is particularly lovely if you have to sew multiple smaller pieces, such as for this quilt.

It was pretty easy to start sewing with this machine right out of the box – although I was only straight-stitching with this project. Can’t wait to try out more of the features that are available on this model. 

Brother NX-450Q @ www.willcookforshoes.ca

As things started to come together with this block, I got more and more excited to see the final end result. The instructions in this book are really self-explanatory and not at all complicated.

Can’t wait to ship this off to this month’s bee hive leader. I hope she likes it! And I definitely can’t wait to see her finished quilt!

Modern Instabee @ www.willcookforshoes.ca

I just love all the little details. This block is full of Amy Butler, Tula Pink, Michael Miller and more! And of course, I used my favourite Aurifil thread to piece it all together.

Modern Instabee @ www.willcookforshoes.ca

And I particularly love this sweet little bird straight from the new stash I brought back from Hawaii. The line is called Life is Tweet! Hehe.

Modern Instabee @ www.willcookforshoes.ca

So fun! Almost makes me want to make a whole quilt for myself! (But I have so many other WIP projects to get to!!)

Modern Instabee @ www.willcookforshoes.caHave you heard about quilting bees? Have you ever participated in one? Are you participating in the #modernquiltbee2014? I’d love to hear from you!

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    1. admin Post author

      Yup! It’s some funny feature with this blog that sometimes you get an error message but your post actually goes through… I’m looking into it but that’s so much for your persistence!!!

      It was a fun block to make. I could see myself making more of these. Would be great for a pillow cover, too!

    1. admin Post author

      Thank so much for your sweet comment! I have a ton of ufos too… but this was a way of having a quick project and trying out so many different block patterns without a commitment to follow through on an entire quilt so I couldn’t resist. 🙂

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