New Knitting Woes


I’m tackling my first big knitting project right now. And it’s coming along… I have to learn all kinds of new stitches, techniques, even how to read a pattern. Thankfully the super awesome, nice, and patient folks at Wolsely Wool are running the KAL (knit-a-long… had to learn that acronym too!) and on the Raverly board for the shop I can ask for help when needed!

I guess I should have asked for help on how to do my YOs (yarn-overs).


I am a good way in to this project and have just realized I’m doing those wrong. I’m bringing the yarn forward and over instead of back and over. And it makes a big difference. It’s making the lace detail less obvious because it doesn’t leave a gaping hole. I’ve been agonizing over this but have settled with the fact that you can still see the gull pattern in this design so… I’m gonna leave it. I’m sure I’ll make this pattern again. I’ll do it better next time. Promise.

Till then, if you have any suggestions on good references for a knitter’s dictionary – I’d LOVE to hear from you! (Or if you’re looking to destash any, lemme know that too!)

2 thoughts on “New Knitting Woes

  1. Laura

    I don’t have knitting “resource” books exactly…but all my sock knitting books (favourite author Nancy Bush) have an excellent “how to” section in each one. Usually I google most things I need to know, but there is one blog out there called who has a whole section on her blog for techniques, tips and info. The section is titled Knitting to Stay Sane: Greatest Hits. It’s on her sidebar. And she’s Canadian.

    1. trinagallop

      Thanks so much, Laura! I think it was googling that got me into trouble in the first place… a “bad” tutorial – if there is such a thing. I’ll definitely check out the blog you suggested. Looks like a fun one! And always nice to support our fellow Canadian bloggers! Thanks again!

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