New Memory Quilt

This quilt has been in my head for waaaayyy too long. I’ve been working away at it for a while now but got “stuck” moving it to this next step. 

Ever get a quilting “block” like that?

This is not an original idea to create a lasting memory of show ribbons and rosettes. I think it is actually quite popular in the horse show world. A company called Sew Creations has been doing amazing dog show ribbon quilts for a while and has been my inspiration for this quilt.

So, this part of the quilt has been sitting on my dining room table like this since Christmas break. I had taken it out a few times to play with it but never really sewn another stitch on it in over two months. 

The picture in the centre is actually printed on fabric. It’s a show picture and was printed on white fabric using my home ink jet printer. It’s one of my favourite ways to print real photos!

Finally, this weekend, I said I needed to break through my sewing block and get down to moving this quilt along. 

I knew I needed to add more ribbons to the panels on each side for balance. But how??

The herringbone pattern used up a LOT of ribbons. I’ll have to go back at some point and share with you all the rosettes I took apart to make that portion of the pattern. That was a scary day when I first started dismantling cherished show win rosettes. 

The portion on the top and bottom of each of the herringbone panels is make up of show ribbon ‘flats.’ They are a certain size and had to be sewn together to make sure they worked with the size of the panels I had already prepared. 

Once I completed both panels of the show ribbons, I was really starting to see this come together.

AHHHHH – nothing like a vision coming to fruition?!? Am I right??

Around the time I got to this part of the quilt, my daughter woke up from her afternoon nap and the dogs were started to mill about looking for dinner… so it was time to wrap things up for the weekend but not without playing with rosette placements for a bit. 

The green satin vine will be pressed on with steam-a-seam and then appliqué stitched. Same for the leaves. 

The two big rosettes in the middle are big, big wins for this dog’s show career and so I opted to keep them intact and really make them front and centre.

I played with a few more options.

Diagonal could work but they make me unsettled. LOL! Not enough balance for me. Nor enough white space at this point. 

I think what I’m going to do is take them apart and trim from the top of the ribbons that you don’t see so they are shortened and fit in the space. The final quilt will look something like this…

My next steps will be to assembly my quilt sandwich. I’m going to quilt all the white panels to add texture and depth and then secure the vines, leaves and rosettes.

I’m thinking that my finished quilt will have the rosettes glue gunned on… if you have any tips on that or a better way to secure them, I would LOVE to hear from you!

Have you made any type of memory quilt?  

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