New Wheels

Ashford Spinning Wheel

Please meet my new wheels! Okay – technically is just one wheel, a spinning wheel… but I’m SO excited about this new acquisition.

I’ve been contemplating a spinning wheel for a while now. Brand new spinning wheels are quite the investment. This one – an Ashford Single Drive Tradition wheel are priced anywhere from $350-$500 brand new.

I just wasn’t sure if I was ready for that kind of commitment.

So, I did what I usually do in these cases and started looking through the used sites. There’s one on Ravelry. One on Facebook. And of course, Kijiji.

Low and behold – on Friday morning, up popped an ad on Kijiji for a used spinning wheel in the “antiques” section. The pictures didn’t really look that great. I consulted with a friend who knows way more about spinning than I do as to whether it was worth it to go take a look at it. After inspecting the pics, she felt the wheel had “good bones” and since it was probably an Ashford wheel (something we only fully determined afterwards) she felt that if it needed any work that parts could easily (and relatively inexpensively) be obtained.

And when I told her the price – $45 – her response was… “BUY IT!”

So, off I went.

As soon as I saw the wheel, I knew I had to have it.

It looked way better than the photos posted in its online ad. The owner had never used it for spinning, it was just a home decor item for her. Yes – it needed a few things but it moved smoothly and all the main parts where there.

I gave her the money before she could change her mind and in my head played the IKEA ad as I tried to casually walk back to my vehicle. “START THE CAR!!! WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!”

I spent the weekend cleaning it up and obtaining the final pieces to get it back to good working order.

The brake cable was missing so I fashioned something to use till I get an Ashford Maintenance Kit, using a spring from Canadian Tire ($1.49) and some fishing line ($3.00 for more than enough to keep this running for its entire lifespan).

Ashford Spinning Wheel

It also needed the cotton cord to spin the wheel. As an interim measure, I just used some cotton yarn that I had on hand. The wheel spins beautifully!

Ashford Spinning Wheel

Of course I couldn’t wait to get spinning on my new wheel! After watching some very helpful videos from the Ashford website, I was up and running! The hardest part is finding consistency in the drafting, but I already feel like it’s coming along. Yes… I filled a full bobbin already.

Ashford Spinning Wheel
I’m so excited about this and all the possibilities! I can’t wait to get in to some other fibres. And of course, I have to purchase a few more bobbins. If anyone has any suggestions on where the best places to purchase those are, I’d love to hear from you!
IAshford Spinning Wheel

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5 thoughts on “New Wheels

  1. coralee

    Omg…so envious! With the price of hand spun thick & thin merino out there (which is all that I ever want to knit with), you new sweet baby is definitely the envy of me 🙂

  2. Heather Armstrong

    Please tell me how big the harp is on the m1250Q . I’m interested on buying two as gifts but this info isn’t found on the website.

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