Off the Needles

Argyle Handmade Socks -

These socks have been in the works for a while! One of the most in-depth knitting and sock projects I’ve untaken but I think also one of my favourites so far!

The pattern is one I found on Ravelry again called Business Casual.

And the yarn is from a friend who hand-dyes them into these wonderfully intense and ever so slightly variegated colours.

Argyle Handmade Socks -

The yarn is a merino, silk blend. I just love how it knits up for socks. So perfect!

These socks took a lot longer than usual but they are so worth the extra effort.

Argyle Handmade Socks -

Right now I’m on a sock making mission – socks for EVERYONE for Christmas! But I think I may have to keep this pair for myself. That’s fair, isn’t it?

3 thoughts on “Off the Needles

  1. judy

    Like your socks. My sister knits them and wanted to make everyone a pair for Christmas but she tried a pair on and loved them. I don’t know if we are getting a pair or not.
    Your post made me chuckle because it souds like her.

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