Oh what a night!

Recently I had the amazing opportunity to get together with a small group of fellow food bloggers from here in Winnipeg. It was a diverse group of women and we had SO. MUCH. FUN! Seriously – how we didn’t get thrown out of that restaurant, I don’t know.

Scratch that. I do know… we were being hosted by the restaurant in question. And they were good sports about it too!

This was my second time being at The Lobby on York.

It opened back in 2009 and I often hear people on twitter raving about what an amazing place it is. In my opinion it can be as elegant or casual as you want it to be. The atmosphere is perfect for an intimate dinner for two, or check into the lounge for a casual event – before, during or after the game (check out their specials on Jets nights for both home and away games)!

Irregardless of how you decide to experience The Lobby on York you’re in for a real treat when it comes to the menu.

Their starters are super unique! In the interest of research, I tried them all. Actually – I tried a little bit of everything!

I even tried my very first oyster. The Lobby on York is known for their Village Bay Oysters and Thursday nights are oyster night (buck a shuck, my friends!). Our starter was prepared with a red win mignonette. I added a little lemon to finish it off. It was salty and fresh and everything I figured an oyster should taste like.


We also had an amazing duck quesadilla – pulled duck, brie and cheddar cheese, finished with a spicy mayo. As well as, Korean beef short ribs (these were a table favourite), chopped salad, and an amazingly fresh Albacore tuna tartar – finished with avacado, chill aioli, and homemade potato chips for serving.

IMG_0422IMG_0413 IMG_0411 IMG_0416

Then along came dinner… you know you are with your fellow food blogger when this is considered perfectly acceptable before you dig into your meal!


I didn’t know where to begin.

Thankfully The Lobby breaks the menu down into “land” and “sea”.

From the “sea” side of things we sampled the seafood trio – prawns, 1/2 a lobster tail in a lemon risotto. It was perfect. And I’m a real seafood snob – I can’t stand overcooked lobster and this was done to perfection. As well, we enjoyed local pickerel with a saffron couscous, and Alaskan lingcod with a wild mushroom risotto, truffle butter and shaved asparagus (what doesn’t taste good with truffle butter?!).


And from the land side of things – it was hard to pick from these which was my favourite. Their steaks are so good. The Lobby prides itself on their steaks. From their generous cuts, to searing and finishing the cooking process at a lower temp (slow and low to retain all the juices and flavour).

The Australian rack of lamb was cooked nice and rare (just how I like it). The peppercorn New York striploin was a table favourite – in fact I was a little worried over whether we’d have to arm wrestle to see who got to finish off the last few bites. But my favourite was clearly the portabello rib steak – a full 16 oz steak, with a juicy marinated portabello mushroom, topped with truffle butter. The steak was full of flavour all on its own, and the portabello mushroom makes my mouth water just thinking back to it.


We also got to nibble on The Lobby’s yam fries. Cooked to a crispy perfection. Salty and sweet and served with a chipotle aioli.


And dessert… finally dessert.

So hard to decide on what was my favourite. Creme brûlée was divine. The sorbet had a nice finish, and the cheesecake was light but smooth – but the chocolate mousse cake – oh my!

DSCF1391 DSCF1390 DSCF1389 DSCF1386

If you’re a regular reader on my blog, you know that I’ve said it before that we’re so lucky here in Winnipeg. We have an amazing culture scene, and some fantastic restaurants. This is another great one to add to the list.

I highly recommend you follow The Lobby on York on Twitter. They post their specials there. And if you haven’t had a chance to get down there to try out their menu – do it. Now.

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