On the Wheel


It feels like forever since I’ve been at my spinning wheel. 

Life has been busy these last few months (when isn’t it?). But I managed to finished off two spinning projects in the last few weeks. 


This beautiful skein is two-ply, 450 yards of merino. I purchased the fibre already dyed from a friend of mine who knows how much I love purples. She has a real knack for colour.



I’ve been intentionally trying to work on my spinning skills as I’ve been thinking for a while that I’ve been over twisting, resulting in a more ridged finished yarn.


This was kept fairly loose and I think will be perfect for a shawl pattern that needs a nice drape to it. 

For the first time in months, I made it out to our local spinning group meet up last Saturday. Such an inspiring group; so much collective knowledge. And just a generally all-round fun group to meet up with. 


For the gathering, I brought a beautifully saturated blue faced leicester/silk roving that I purchased at a local yarn store just outside of Edmonton over a year ago. Many of my fellow spinners commented on the colour palette. So pretty!


While I considered trying to keep the colours more true when I got to plying, I didn’t think I’d have enough yardage when I finished three-plying to do much with, so a two-ply process won out. 


I was really happy with the finished product. No idea what I’ll use it for but for now I’ll just continue to stare deeply into the beautiful blues and occasionally hint of maroon.

What projects are you working on today?

What project are you hoping you’ll find more time for?

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