Peanut butter and chocolate – BFF’s for life

IMG_5983 I don’t really need an excuse to bake but… it was an important person’s birthday the other week and I needed to pull out all the stops.

I was looking for a cake that would stand out among the rest. Something with a complimentary cake to filling ratio. Something… chocolate and peanut butter! ‘Cuz seriously – you can’t go wrong with that combination, right?

The recipe for this cake was found via pinterest on Pass the Sushi’s blog. It’s a Rachel Ray cake combo and was first printed in her magazine.

It came together so nicely. This recipe is a keeper either in whole or deconstructed into parts to use in future creations!

I LOVE the sour cream based cake. It was not too sweet but perfectly dense for this three-layer contraption!


The peanut butter filling was TO. DIE. FOR. I could eat it off a spoon (Or did I?). The cream cheese in this filling adds a nice little tang to the icing.


And the chocolate frosting. Again, with a little cream cheese, it cuts through the usual sickly sweetness of many frostings.


Soo… soo… good. Is it too early for cake, today?!

2 thoughts on “Peanut butter and chocolate – BFF’s for life

  1. trinagallop

    Thanks Maris!! I think we tend to be overly critical about our own “frosting” endeavours. I teach cake decorating and I tell my students two things: 1) it always looks WAAAAAY better than we think it does – most people will be super impressed with your mad frosting skills… and 2) when you start to get frustrated – step away from the cake! We can be our own worst enemy and sometimes trying to patch up little spots can make it worse. If you stop and just take a break, you’ll often times come back and think, “huh… not too shabby!!”

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