Personalized Heating Pad

Personal Heating Pad

It was recently recommended for someone in this household that a little heating pad on their injury could assist in the healing process. And specifically it was the little bean/rice/flax seed heating pad (versus electric) that was recommended because the heat that you get from these little heating pads is a moist heat which aids in the healing process.

While I have one of these heating pads already that I use mostly for my own shoulder injury, given the nature of this injury… I decided to make a heating pad that would be “special” and only devoted to this purpose.

Okay – under the category of “TMI” let me first apologize and then offer an explanation. Buster has incurred a bit of a groin injury. Poor guy. He’s my older basset. The adjustment to the new house and full main floor hardwood floors has been a bit of a challenge on him. It’s pretty slippery for his back legs and he has overstretched at some point and caused the pull. While we are doing some physio with our vet, one of the things that was recommended for me to do at home was to apply heat to the injury area.

So… while I could have just sewed together a quick little bean bag and filled it up, I wanted to use some cute basset fabric I recently found and personalize Buster’s little heating pad. He’ll appreciate that. Right?


I used a tutorial from this book that I’ve been pouring through lately.


Patchwork Please is from Agumi Takahashi – she oversees the blog Pink Penguin. I took her paper piecing tutorial for a pencil case and opted to forgo the zipper and fill it with rice. Perfect!!

You can fill these heating pads with several different things. Uncooked rice is quite common. You can also use flax seed (which is another personal favourite of mine).

When I was ready to fill up the bag, I rolled up a piece of paper and used that as my funnel (much easier then trying to spoon in the rice or flax seeds).

Personal Heating Pad
Personal Heating Pad

Then I closed the whole bag with a blind stitch.

To use the pad, you heat it in your microwave. This little heating pad needs only 30-40 seconds to be heated thoroughly. ALWAYS make sure you test how hot it is before using it. If you can hold it to the inside of your lower arm (near your wrist) without it being too hot, then it is okay to use.

Personal Heating Pad

Sewing Tools!

And just a quick note about two new tools I just picked up that have helped speed along my paper piecing fun!

Flat Head Pins

I was using pins with a little bauble on the end, but these help everything lay a little flatter. Perfect!

Personal Heating Pad

Add a Quarter Ruler

This little lovely has a little edge so when you fold over the paper on your next edge, you just line up the ruler and it automatically adds a quarter inch seam. So perfect!


Okay Buster… time for your heating pad…

Personal Heating Pad

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    1. admin Post author

      Thanks Laura! He’s such a patience boy. I think he really enjoys the physio with his favourite vet… and a little heating pad ain’t so bad either. LOL!!

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