Please help my wayward hair!

It has been a crazy spring/summer here in Winnipeg. Aside from some beautiful temperatures, we have been getting lots (and I mean LOTS) of rain. And with rain comes humidity. And with humidity comes the end of my sanity.

Have I confused you? Let me back things up for a second.

I have stupid hair. Basically, my sister got the good hair systems in the family – thick, full, a nice wave. What did I get? Thin, fine, awdward – not curly-wavy-nor-straight straw-like hair. Thanks Ma and Pa! 

It doesn’t seem to matter what I do – I can have my hair all nice and loverly but the moment I step outside, the moment there is just the tiniest bit of mositure in the air… POOF! There goes my hair. One side just droops. The other side gets the most funkadelic wave. And it just goes downhill from there.

I’ve tried everything. And by everything I mean what the haircare sales people have tried to foist on me at the salons. But. It. Just. Doesn’t. Work. 

But you people have lovely hair. I’ve seen you on the street and the bus and in the mall. We have had to battle the same humidity but somehow – YOU’VE come out on top. You won. 

Tell me your secrets! Pul-eeeeeease! I’m begging you. 

What are your essential products, tips, and techniques for making it through these high-humitidy days? 

Help me regain my sanity… and my decent hair days!

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