Preserving Memories

A friend of mine asked me if I could help finish a special quilt for her.

Many, many years ago (30+ years ago) her Mom started this quilt top. She finished the top but was never able to finish the quilt. 

The design is a bow tie. 

Her Mom had drawn on by hand every single bow tie in pencil in the blue squares. While my friend didn’t want me to go to any unnecessary trouble with the quilting, I felt like quilting all the bow ties as her Mom intended honoured the spirit of this quilt. 

I used my favourite Aurifil thread for this!

Each bow tie was free motion quilted using a quilt ruler foot and a straight ruler. They aren’t perfect but it feels like it best represents the design my friend’s Mom drew on this quilt top so many years ago.

It took me quilt a while to finish this quilt but my friend didn’t mine. There were definitely happy tears when I met up with her recently to present her with her Mom’s finished quilt.

Have you ever worked on finishing a special quilt that someone else started? Have you made a quilt with this bow tie design? This was the first time I’ve seen this quilt patter but I really love it!

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