Quick little projects!

Spit up cloths

I love little projects that you can start and finish in just a few hours (or even in less time!).

Previously I had made a few super soft baby burp cloths for a friend of mine who became a Momma for the first time. I used this super cute tutorial from Caili-Made for my inspiration.

I was asking my friend if she needed anymore (I didn’t want to force my sewing on her). She mentioned that what would be helpful would be a few smaller nappies that she could use to wipe her little one after a ‘lil spit-up as the burp cloths were a little big for that, and tissues were… well… disposable and not as environmentally friendly.

Being MORE than happy to oblige, I quickly whipped these up yesterday. They are essentially the same idea but a smaller 8 x 10 size. I also added a little rick-rack to amp up the cuteness factor. At this smaller size, they easily could fit in a purse, or a few could be tossed in a diaper bag. And they totally soft, absorbent and washable.

It’s the colour combinations that really thrill me though. I feel like I’m getting more comfortable with pulling fabrics and combining patterns, too. In fact, I may want a few of these of my own… I’ll use them for wiping up basset drool. Promise!

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