Quilt Stash Sewing

I recently spend some time up in my sewing studio attempting to see what sparked joy and what didn’t (you know, Marie Kondo-style). When I was finished for the day (the purge project isn’t finished but I was sure done) I had several bags of items cleared out and it seriously made me feel a lot better about the state of that room. I even organized all my fabric around 8.5×11 pieces of cardboard… I’ll share that with you another day but wow – my organizing mind was blown!

In the process I found many projects in various states of progress… and also some fabric that just called to be used for something. Including this adorable Basset Hound fabric panel.

Bailey is checking out my workmanship here but I assure you, this blanket was not for her. Rather, I decided to make it just big enough to function as a car quilt for Elliana. Perfect for those cold mornings when it takes a bit to warm up the car (it has been -40 here for quite a while).  

This red minky was also discovered in my fabric stash purge/clean up event. It was exactly big enough to be used as backing and so it was meant to be.

Love how this quick weekend project came together. What sewing projects are you working on these days?

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