Quilting is my Therapy

Dogs never lie about Love quilte

This past week a bittersweet surprise arrived in a friend’s mailbox. 

I’ve been posting about this a bit on Facebook and Instagram, mostly just carefully cropped photos so that the personalized little features of this mini quilt wouldn’t give it away.

Recently, a friend of mine from the basset hound community lost her first ever basset. Gus, her boy, was a special hound with lots of personality. He was accomplished in the show ring and a constant companion to my friend. 

The loss of Gus hit me pretty deeply and I wanted to do something to honour his memory. I immediately started working on this mini quilt. The words on the top and bottom were from the tribute to Gus that my friend posted online. It has his registered American Kennel Club name at the top and bottom (BISS GCH Sasquatch Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo), and then the words “Gus, constant companion, my shadow, I love you, always and forever.”

Dogs Never Lie about Love Mini Quilt

Here’s to all those special, one-of-a-kind dogs.

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