Scrappy “Improv” Pillows

Scrappy Fabric Pillows @ willcookforshoes.caI don’t know why I’ve put off making pillows for so long. They are such a quick way to add a little colour and update to a room.

Pillows are generally a fast project that can be done in an hour or two. Although you can certainly make them more complex, as well!

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I made this pillow using fabric scraps and this book: Quilt Improv, by Lucie Summers.

Scrappy Fabric Pillows @

I used the tutorial for a scrappy quilt block and then added the yellow pieces on the side to make this large enough (18 x 18 inches) for a comfy pillow that will be used in the family room.

Scrappy Fabric Pillows @ willcookforshoes.caย I mulled over the quilting on this for a few days.

Scrappy Fabric Pillows @ willcookforshoes.caI used Aurifil 2014 for sewing the block together and for quilting the scrappy bits in a straight-line pattern. And Aurifil 4150 which is a variegated thread for the border. I love how sometimes the thread pops and sometimes it just allows the free-motion quilting to come forward.

Scrappy Fabric Pillows @

Scrappy Fabric Pillows @


The backing is a simple piece of a beautiful fabric I found at a closeout of a local quilt shop (we hear this all too often, don’t we) that was out in Stonewall, Manitoba.

Scrappy Fabric Pillows @ willcookforshoes.caAnd I took the time to include a hidden zipper.

Scrappy Fabric Pillows @ willcookforshoes.caI just love all the little details on this pillow. And the yellow is kinda cheery, which is a welcome addition to the living room and the long winter we have been experiencing here in Winnipeg.

Scrappy Fabric Pillows @ willcookforshoes.caI never thought I could do “improv” quilting. My a-type personality tends to prevent me from “winging” just about anything but this book really helped take me out of my comfort zone. Are you an improv quilter? Link up your finishes. I love to see what others are doing out there!

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    1. admin Post author

      Thank you so much for your sweet comment, Susan! I do that too! You can sometimes find great deals on those cushions and pillows – cheaper than even buying a basic pillow form. I love the transformation a new pillow can make! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. admin Post author

      Margaret – it’s been a long, cold winter here! I figure I’m gonna make spring happen even if I have to coax it here with pretty fabrics. LOL!

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks Marsha! I love that I can zip this off quickly to wash, or change up covers for the season. It actually wasn’t that much extra time to put in the zipper feature. I can put together a more detailed tutorial if you are interested. ๐Ÿ™‚

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