Sneak Peak


Moda Dress

I can’t wait to share this with you. It will be a few more weeks before I can post photos and blog more about this. It’s for a special little photo shoot and I was thrilled/ecstatic/honoured to have been asked to make this.

Once I saw this fabric, I knew it would be perfect.

The fabric is Dotty Ombre in white and graphite grey, designer Vanessa Christenson for Moda. It’s a little hard to find these days.


I want to make something for myself in this fabric now. It’s so pretty. I love the simple elegance of the detail.

Vanessa has a second line out now – Simply Style. I can’t wait till we get some here in my fine city and I get to play with some of her new classic pieces.

Do you ever have to wait to share something you’ve made? Doesn’t the anticipation just wind you up in knots? When I’m excited about something any remoteness of patience just goes out the window. Here’s hoping I can hold this in for at least a little while longer!!

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