I DID IT!!! For years I have been wanting to make a pair of socks. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve started a sock project and given up in despair. I think for me its been a little about motivation (isn’t it wonderful how the right yarn can really push you to move past a road block in a project) and about having the correct TYPE of yarn… I think I’ve been using too thin a yarn for my first sock projects which has increased the challenge for me. (I ended up using Turtle Purl Turtle Toes yarn for this successful project – she’s a Canadian and can be found here on Etsy.)


So, as you’ve guessed by now – I finally finished my first sock. Yes – I still have the matching sock mate to do up but its already on the needles and I’ve pushed past the challenge of the first few rows.

For my first sock, I decided to keep it simple. I was talking to a colleague over the last week while I was in Ottawa (we swooned together about the Yarns Etc store that was within a 3 minute walking distance from our work). She said she always makes tube socks… they are her most requested sock. I did some googling on this and quickly discovered these are socks without formed heels.

I will eventually try a formed heel sock but this tube sock method was a good way to get me obsessing about sock projects though!

The pattern that I used is a free pattern from MissWoollyKnits. If you’re on Ravelry, you can find her here. She’s Canadian and super nice. I can’t remember who ‘friended’ who on Ravelry first but she’s been very encouraging on my first EVAH sock project and offered to help if needed!

This is gonna be bad though. First, I LOVE socks. I’m a bit of a sock hoarder. I can see lots and lots of fun and funky socks in my future. And secondly, making socks as gifts makes it VERY easy to justify new yarn purchases.

Are you a sock knitter? What’s your favourite pattern? And (please feed my obsession) – what’s your favourite sock yarn?

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2 thoughts on “Sock-cess!!

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks so much, Kristie!!! I’m thinking of stocking up (no pun intended) for winter… and also getting a head start on some gifts for later this year.

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