Start the car!!! START THE CAR!!!!

Do you remember the iconic IKEA commerical advertising their winter sale?
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It’s one of my favs (I’m such a marketing geek at the heart of things)! 

Anyhow, if you follow me on twitter or facebook, you know this was me yesterday. That’s ‘cuz Winnipeg finally got its own IKEA!! Wooooooooooooooooo!!!

I admit, I’m a huge IKEA shopper. But I’ve never been to a store where I haven’t flown into town so the best I’ve been able to ever do is purchase items that would fit in my luggage. This means that I *HAD* to go to IKEA on its first day open here in Winnipeg. 




It was fabulous. IKEA really knows how to do an opening. Everyone was so worried about the traffic and the crowds. My approach was: if you know what it might be going into it, how bad can it really be? And actually, it wasn’t that bad at all! IKEA crews were out directing traffic in the parking lot. It took us no time to find a spot, and one we were in the store is so big, the whole city coulda been there and we all would of had our own room to swing and dance without hitting our neighbours.

I didn’t do too much damage on the ol’bank account. But I did pick up a few awesome things. And touched everything I could (do you shop with your hands, too??). And found these beauties:



Seriously, IKEA just went up another notch in my books!!


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