Summer of Dresses

I’ve never been much of a dress person. I have always loved skirts for work (ask anyone I work with and they will tell you they aren’t even sure if I own a pair of pants – for the record, I do!) but for some reason, I’ve fallen in love with dresses over the past little while. Even made a few for myself!

I’ll blog in more detail about this little beauty in the next week, but I just can’t wait any longer to show it off. There’s so much I love about this dress that I made this past weekend.

homecoming dresses

There’s something really flattering about the drop waist on this pattern. And I can’t put my finger on why but I LOVE this fabric. I found it hidden way deep in my stash. It’s totally not a colour I would normally wear. I actually bought it several years ago and used it as a backdrop for a photo shoot (go figure)! But it’s lovely as a dress and it paired so nicely with a navy cardigan from Banana Republic that I also love so very much (I can thank my very good friend Ramona for my Banana Republic cardi obsession!).

Yellow Dress


I wore this to work today and got lots of compliments (and a request to sew something for someone else). There’s something about this dress that just feels so… me! so… authentic!

The pattern is a Vogue V8020. It’s a little retro with a few different options. I’m definitely going to make this again!



And in case you are wondering, yes – this is how I store my patterns. I can never get them back into the original packaging so a ziploc-esque bag from IKEA serves nicely!

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