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Once again I’ve been a little quiet. I apologize. I went from one busy event to another. Right now me and the boys are down near St. Louis, Missouri for the 2013 Basset Hound Club of America Nationals! It’s a fantastic event with over 250 bassets from around the US, a few from Canada (represent!) and even one or two who came internationally.

My boys are having a great time and we are heading home with plenty of ribbons and prizes! Don’t they look excited about that!

MO Boys

Today the girls were in the ring which meant that we had a break today. I decided to take advantage of it and tour around a bit… and by tour around I mean source out some local fabric and yarn stores!

It was a great little side trip from nationals and I had such a wonderful time talking to the owners and staff of these local shops. And I picked up some wonderful items, too!!

The first store I visited was Susie Q Quilting in Eureka, MO. The owner, who is Susan (not Susie… but she did tell me the story behind how she named her store) is just lovely and inviting.

MO stores 4


We had a great chat and I purchased a 1/2 yard of each of these beauties…



Then I headed on over to Kirkwood Knittery in St. Louis, MO.

Oscar Dresses

The owner there was lovely as well! They just moved into this new space – and by just moved in, I mean like yesterday! The space is bigger than their previous location and what I noticed first was the lovely light that came in through the front windows.

Here I purchased this lovely sock yarn. The line is called Mountain Colours look how saturated the yarn is!


My next stop was at Ewe Knit Yarns. Another beautiful store full of welcoming hospitality.

MO Stores 2

They have some lovely local alpaca yarn that was VERY tempting… but in the end I couldn’t resist this new knitting tool.


This is locally made and guaranteed for life. I can’t wait to use this.

And for my final stop… the largest knitting store in the region – Knitorious.

MO Stores 1
I could not resist these beauties! The turquoise is from Pagewood Farms and is a handdyed sock yarn. And the raspberry grey is a staff person’s line called Dyeabolical (which you can find also on Etsy). This is a tencel sock yarn which I can’t wait to get into.


Such a fun day! I love supporting local fabric and craft stores and finding new lines that I might never know about back home!

Back to the show tomorrow and then two days to drive home. You can expect a lot more from me when I return back to “normal life”.

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      Yes… they do – especially the younger one! I have to keep my eyes on my yarn at all times. If I leave the room for even a second, Baxter will try to steal a new “toy”. lol!

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