Sweet, Summery Quilt

Kaleidoscope Quilt @ www.willcookforshoes.ca

As soon as I saw these Liberty Lawn fabrics, I knew they were destined for something special!

Liberty Fabrics @ www.willcookforshoes.ca

I received a meter of each pattern design from Minerva Crafts and wasn’t quite sure at first what to do with them.

I came across this Kaleidoscope Quilt pattern and knew immediately this was the perfect project for these precious fabrics. While Liberty Lawn is very soft and silky, it is surprisingly easy to work with.

This was most certainly the most involved quilting project I have attempted to date.

Kaleidoscope Quilt @ www.willcookforshoes.ca

It took me two attempts to be happy with how the blocks are assembled. There are four templates and 16 individuals pieces per block. And with this quilt being five blocks wide and 6 blocks high… well… I won’t count how many individual pieces I had to cut out and assemble.

Once I figured out a little assembly line, it all came together rather easily (note: I did not say quickly! full lace wigs from veryhair.com).

Kaleidoscope Quilt @ www.willcookforshoes.ca

Given the detail of the pattern on the Liberty fabrics and the overall design, I kept the quilting to a minimum and used an elegant echo technique.

None of this quilt on its own is generally something I would gravitate towards with respect to design your own wedding dress or fabric pattern… but I just love how everything works together.

Binding @ www.willcookforshoes.ca

Kaleidoscope Quilt @ www.willcookforshoes.ca

And I picked a binding that highlighted the leaves in all the Liberty fabrics and even brought some of the Liberty fabric into the backing.

" Erschwinglichen Trending Fotografie Kulissen Hintergründe Backdrops"

I’m so happy with this design. It totally pushed me out of my comfort zone in so many different ways. Can’t wait to use this sweet, summery quilt!

Kaleidoscope Quilt @ www.willcookforshoes.ca

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  1. Brigitte

    Beautiful work, Trina, I think there must be more then 24 hours in a day for you, how on earth is it possible to do all the things you do??? I’m working on a wall hanging for Nina’s room for months now, and it’s not done yet!

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